Why choose DMS Online


Easy to use

DMS Online offers a very intuitive, easy to use interface. After logging in to the DMS Online system, users can immediately see where the documents they need are, what tasks they have to handle, who the responsible persons in charge of different tasks are, etc.

Jednoduché ovládání
Komplexní řešení

Comprehensive solutions

DMS Online offers comprehensive solutions for management of any company. It allows effortless management of documents, including access to transparent history of work with them. All members of individual teams have access to specific documents and tasks on which they collaborate. Information about the current stage of tasks, as well as about the time and author of the last edit of each document is also available.



All data gets stored on reliable encrypted servers. Individual users have access only to the information which they need for their work. DMS Online encrypts all passwords – and, if required, content can be encrypted as well.


Benefits of the system

DMS Online offers comprehensive solutions for individual departments of your company:

Marketing and sales