Instant access and transparency

All corporate documents and important information get stored in the DMS Online in such a way as to make them instantly accessible to competent persons. Shared documents can then be edited and commented on by individual members. All authorized persons can edit documents without losing previous versions.


Intuitive environment

The DMS Online environment is very simple and intuitive. Within it, tasks can be easily delegated, specific deadlines can be set for individual tasks and related documents can be attached to them.
Documents and tasks are easily searchable in the system.


All employees have access to corporate information and documents from anywhere. Thanks to the availability of task overview, it is not necessary to send tasks by email, where they could easily get lost – as could documents.


Workflow automation

Thanks to the easy process of assignment of tasks to specific employees, as well as to the possibility of cooperation when editing documents, including their different versions and history, operation of the company can be intelligently automated. Moreover, transparent task overview eliminates the need to constantly contact colleagues regarding the current state of individual tasks.